As part of the CyberStarter project, the EOS Foundation offers an educational program created together with experts and employers in the field of cybersecurity.

(ISC)² Cloud Security Certificates

Sky’s the limit when you start earning your (ISC)² Cloud Security Certificates. As organizations continue to shift workloads to the cloud at a fast pace, demonstrating a sound understanding of cloud security principles and practices opens a full range of opportunities and sets you apart from your peers.

Certified in Cybersecurity℠ – CC

Introducing your ultimate starting point for an exciting career — Certified in Cybersecurity℠.
You don’t need experience — just the passion and drive to enter a field that opens limitless opportunities around the globe.

Getting Started in IT

Through VMware IT Academy, “Getting Started in IT” provides an
overview of the key concepts related to the world of IT. Upon completion of this microcourse, the learner will have the basic understanding of compute, software, datacenters, cloud.

Operator of Cloud and Hybrid security solutions

The Cloud and Hybrid Security Solutions Operator is responsible for implementing security controls in Cloud and Hybrid environments. He/she must ensure the configuration and operation of the services deployed by applying the security rules. For this, it relies in particular on the recommendations of the ANSSI, the CIS, the Azure Security Benchmark (ASB) and any internal procedures relating to the security of systems and networks.
He/she is also involved in the configuration and operation of security solutions to defend his organisation against threats (ransomware and phishing) and protect data and applications. Finally, he/she participates in the dissemination of good security practices in the use of tools and services within the organisation, with the aim of limiting the risks associated with possible attacks.

Pre-qualification SAS for digital professions – cybersecurity sector

This pre-qualifying training aims to introduce professional skills in cybersecurity, and in particular in the administration of secure infrastructures. This initiation concerns all the stages of the life cycle of a digital infrastructure, from design to its security and evolutions.

It also aims to refine its professional project in digital and training, in particular by:

– meeting with digital professionals, particularly in digital infrastructure

-the precision of his professional project and the definition of his objectives/ambitions

Pre-qualification SAS for digital professions – Infrastructure sector

At the end of the training, the learner will have validated his appetite for digital infrastructure jobs and will be able to position himself on training in the field such as:

– Cybersecurity Analyst
– IT Support Technician
– Technician / Senior Technician
– Systems and Networks
– Administrator / Cloud
– Administrator

Helpdesk technician

The technician or helpdesk technician provides assistance to users of his company’s IT infrastructure. In the company, he / she is a solver for users blocked by technical problems on their computer hardware and their daily software tools. In the troubleshooting phase, he/she generally intervenes alone, often following a diagnosis carried out by him/her or by a specialized technician (hotliner).


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