As part of the CyberStarter project, the EOS Foundation offers an educational program created together with experts and employers in the field of cybersecurity.


Cyber4all training program is piloted in 3 countries (Romania, France and Sweden) and offers access to a comprehensive range of topics, including network security, cryptography, ethical hacking, incident response, risk assessment, and much more. Through a combination of interactive lectures, engaging workshops, and practical exercises the learners will acquire the skills needed to identify vulnerabilities, analyse threats, and implement effective security measures.

(ISC)² Cloud Security Certificates

Sky’s the limit when you start earning your (ISC)² Cloud Security Certificates. As organizations continue to shift workloads to the cloud at a fast pace, demonstrating a sound understanding of cloud security principles and practices opens a full range of opportunities and sets you apart from your peers.

Cybersecurity analysis – specialisation

Cybersecurity analysis is a specialisation that allows a computer scientist to carry out the detection of security incidents on an information system and to analyse them in the event of security incidents.

Systems and Networks Senior Technician

From assistance to users, through the management of computer equipment, the senior systems and network technician installs and maintains the equipment as well as the network and provides computer support. 

The senior systems and network technician participates in the commissioning and maintenance in operational condition of the IT infrastructure. 


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