About the training

As part of the CyberStarter project, the EOS Foundation offers an educational program created together with experts and employers in the field of cybersecurity.

What you will learn?

The program includes already established online courses (Cisco NetAcad, Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, LinkedIn Learning) and an intensive course composed of live online sessions with an instructor as well as sessions with physical participation. The educational path also includes the part of validating skills through internationally recognized certifications and employment opportunities for participants. We invite you to read more about each of the three sections of the program by clicking on the buttons below.

Cyberstarter 02 is the second edition of the training, this year offering 2 trianings, one for beginners and one for more advanced candidates. This was developed following last year’s experience, when the participants were mixed and we identified a need to separate them into two levels of knowledge.  The beginners  group will need to pass 8 learning Modules in the CISCO Net Acad platform after which they will immediately start training with a certified trainer. And the Advanced group will first need to go through A GMetrix simulation and give an exam on Certiport platform, and pass the exam in order to follow through to the next phase which will be the actual training with the trainer.

Key takeaways


Yes (based on specific standards, recognised by national/international organizations)




All Levels


1-3 months


Romanian, English


Training/Course (theoretical and hands-on)

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