Selection criteria for the Women4Cyber Academy courses

Women4Cyber Academy Selection

Women4Cyber ensures that trainings displayed on the Academy meet high quality standards and benefit students pursuing a career in Europe.

Trainings displayed on the Women4Cyber Academy go through a vetting procedure and must meet the “Required Criteria” below:

  • The Provider entity is legitimately providing services as a business;
  • The Provider entity is fully European or has a significant presence in Europe, allowing its graduates or certification holders to further pursue cybersecurity education or work in Europe;
  • The Provider has the necessary licenses, rights, consents, permissions, and authority to authorise Women4Cyber to list the Courses/Trainings on the W4C Academy;
  • The Courses/Trainings offered must meet high academic standards;
  • The Provider regularly evaluates ongoing curriculum development and course modifications;
  • Bachelor, master, and post-grad programmes must be recognised or accredited by the EU Member State or the EFTA Member State, and meet ENISA’s CYBERHEAD – Cybersecurity Higher Education Database requirements:
    • For a bachelor’s degree: at least 25% of the taught modules must be in cybersecurity topics;
    • For a master’s degree: at least 40% of the taught modules must be in cybersecurity topics;
    • For a postgraduate specialisation programme outside the Bologna-degree structure: at least 40% of the taught modules must be in cybersecurity topics and the programme has a minimum of 30 ECTS;

A cybersecurity topic corresponds to any of the topics that might fall within the remit of the knowledge areas of the Cybersecurity Curricula 2017 developed by the ENISA Joint Task Force on Cybersecurity Education.

Content Appropriateness

The Training provider guarantees that:

  • It will provide and maintain accurate information about the Provider and Training(s);
  • Its Training(s) will not infringe or misappropriate any third party’s intellectual property rights;

Course Content

The Training provider retains ownership of the Training(s) displayed on the Women4Cyber Academy. They grant Women4Cyber the rights to market and display their Training(s) on the W4C Academy and other promotional material.


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